Do people have difficulty understanding your child’s speech?

Family and friends are saying they cannot understand your child’s speech.

A preschool teacher might be saying it as well.

You are not empowered to respond and defend your child.

You want to know if your child has fallen behind their peers in their speech development.

Milestones Related to Clarity of Speech

When supporting families in my clinical work, I refer to this recognised milestone guide to help identify if a child has delayed articulation development.

When people say they cannot understand your child’s speech – ask them, “What percentage of the time is it difficult to understand my child?”

Age Intelligibility Level
19 – 24 months 25% – 50%
2 – 3 years 50% – 75%
4 – 5 years 75% – 90%
5 + years 90% – 100%

Data from Pena-Brooks & Hegde (2007)

If the responses are generally lower than indicated on the table, it may be wise to seek the advice of a speech pathologist.

If a child’s articulation development is delayed, there can be a direct link between this delay and slower literacy development when they begin school.

The focus of My Alison Work on extra reinforcement of the Sound to Letter Link supports these children in their Early Literacy Development.

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