How do children learn to read and write?

Children learn to read and write via a specifically sequenced process including several key steps.

My Alison Work has been developed to ensure that the child takes part in each of these steps.

The 3 key steps to reading and writing are:

  1. Understanding left from right
  2. Creating links between sounds and letters
  3. Processing groups of letters as one unit

Step 1 – Understanding left from right

This means the child establishes an imaginary line down the middle of their body so they can tell their left side from their right side.

This allows them to orient to the page and learn to move from left to right across the page for reading and writing.

The imaginary line also allows them to imprint both the starting points for their letters and the direction in which to move to form their letters correctly.

Step 2 – Creating links between sounds and letters

Linking Letters to Sounds

The child can look at a single letter and link that letter to its sound.

The child can now accurately sound out single letters and begin reading words.

Linking Sounds to Letters

The child is able hear a sound and link that sound to its letter.

The child can now accurately write single letters and begin writing words.

Step 3   Processing groups of letters as one unit

Being able to link two and three letter combinations to single sounds e.g. ‘v et’

This allows the child to:

fluently read at an early reading level without having to sound out individual letters.  E.g. not ‘v’ ‘e’ ‘t’

fluently write/spell at an early level

We hope this has been helpful in establishing the structure of the reading and writing process.

The language skills that children need to be able to understand what they are reading will discussed in another blog.

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