Meet Alison Lee

Alison’s Professional Journey

Alison is a Melbourne based Speech Pathologist who spent her early professional years working in intensive adult rehabilitation, with patients who had acquired speech and language difficulties.

She made the transition to working with children in the early 1990’s. The principal difference she observed was that, with children, she was primarily looking at skills that had yet to form rather than skills that were ‘lost’.

It became clear to Alison that the process of learning to read and the intensity of input required for both adults and children was virtually the same. It was important to provide access to a strong evidence-based program through intuitive design, family focused content and inescapable humour.

Alison, within her private practice, created her own set of resources and materials to provide families with ongoing therapy work. These resources became the basis of the My Alison Work Program.

Why is this program named My Alison Work?

When looking for a name for the program, the children with whom Alison works with suggested “My Alison Work” as that was what they had already been calling it for years.

In 2018, Alison went ahead, with a team of professionals, to make the program easily and publicly available.

We look forward to people continuing to enjoy My Alison Work across Australia.

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