Digital Program includes all eBook Decodable Readers and pdf copies of all Activity Books:

1 x 12 month eBook subscription

    • All 66 Decodable Readers in eBook format
    • Membership transferable within the 12 month subscription
    • Read online – No software required
    • Suitable for all devices (pc, phone, tablet)
    • Suitable for all software  platforms (Apple, Windows, Android etc)
    • Use as standalone readers
    • Integrate with My Alison Work Early Literacy Program to teach reading, writing and spelling
    • Easy to set up and administer multiple users under one account
    • School packages available, please contact to discuss

List of Decodable Readers







All 66 Decodable eBooks

Print-ready pdf copy of each of the below:

    • Instruction Book
    • My Body Book
    • My Piclink Book
    • My Quickdraw Grid Book
    • My Quickdraw Guide Book
    • My Letter Tracing Book (3 font types)
    • My Letter Writing Book (3 font types)
    • My Word Tracing Book Sets 1+2 (3 font types)
    • My Word Tracing Book Set 3 (3 font types)
    • My Word Writing Book Sets 1+2 (3 font types)
    • My Word Writing Book Set 3 (3 font types)
    • Font types are: NSW, VIC, SA
  • Digital files will be available, via email, for download as password protected PDF files.

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