Supporting the Development of Handwriting in Children with ASD

A child diagnosed on the autism spectrum is more likely to have difficulties in learning to handwrite. Challenges in sensory processing and neurological differences in children with autism appear to contribute to these difficulties.

Their writing is often described as messy and illegible. The children frequently find it difficult to persevere with refining their writing skills and can become non-compliant.

Development of legible writing skills requires good control over the rate and sequence of the movements of the small muscles in the hands.

One of the drivers behind the creation of My Alison Work Early Literacy Program was to make a volume of resources accessible to children with autism to help them develop their handwriting skills.

Handwriting resources available to children with autism:

  1. The boxes and the tracing dots in My Letter Tracing and My Letter Writing books support the child’s immature spatial and fine motor skills whilst they accurately imprint the correct letter starting points and letter formation.
  2. The series of My Workbooks has been created to support development of these fine motor writing skills.
  3. The structure of the Boxed Books – initially My Letter Tracing and My Letter Writing books – allows the child to successfully imprint correct writing patterns.
  4. As the child begins to produce their own written stories, they can progress to using My Workbook Boxed. These workbooks continue to provide the boxed structure to support the child’s handwriting.

My Letter Tracing Book

With the Letter Tracing Book the child will correctly follow the faint image to create each letter ensuring they are imprinting accurate letter formation. Click the image below to view inside the My Letter Tracing Book.

My Letter Writing Book

With the Letter Writing Book the child will begin the letter formation at the correct starting point then independently create each letter. Click the image below to view inside My Letter Writing Book.

Download these free sample pages and start to practise easy, good letter formation.

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