Why is my child non-compliant when I try to help them with reading and spelling?

It is distressing for everyone involved when well intentioned support is met with strong non-compliance from the child.

In my experience there are two primary reasons why children resist assistance:

  1. They are being asked to do something that is simply too difficult for them. Children feel completely disempowered when they say they cannot do something, and the adult does not respond to their honesty.
  2. They are being asked questions they are unable to answer.

It is important therefore, that learning activities are structured in such a way as to give the child confidence that they can successfully complete the task.

When working through the My Alison Work Early Literacy Program, children are generally compliant because they:

  1. Will not be asked to do something that is too difficult for them.
  2. Will be provided with enough repetition that they enjoy a smooth transition through the required steps of literacy.
    • The children enjoy successfully tracing their letters and words before they are asked  to write letters and words without the support of tracing.
    • When the guidance of tracing is removed, they will still have the letter formation starting points in place.
    • The sequence and way in which words are introduced in the Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3 Rhyming Readers provides enough reinforcement to ensure success with reading.
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